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MAG Guide - Veteran Mode

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Topic: MAG Guide - Veteran Mode
Posted By: WOPR-1
Subject: MAG Guide - Veteran Mode
Date Posted: 31 Jan 2010 at 12:55pm
From the official MAG blog, posted by - Jeremy Dunham - So we’ve told you that players who hit the cap at level 60 have the option to enable “Veteran Mode,” But what exactly does “Veteran Mode” mean? Glad you asked! Here’s how it all shakes down…">

Once you hit level 60, you can activate Veteran Mode from the log-in screen.

Veteran Mode is essentially a way to start the MAG experience over again without losing your accomplishments. While Veteran Mode does reboot your character to Level 1, you won’t lose any of your already-earned medals, ribbons or statistics when making the move. Plus, despite the experience counter for your new character resetting to zero on the Rank screen where you level up, your lifetime XP continues to be tracked on the Stats page of your Barracks (unless you completely delete a character, then all stats go away completely and you have to start again).">

The prompt for Veteran Mode once selected -- do it!

Why is Veteran Mode useful? For one, it allows you to switch PMCs to help you earn the gold trophies for reaching Level 60 with each faction (it’s optional, though, and you can still activate Veteran Mode and stay with the same PMC if you want). Another benefit is that you’ll get a permanent 10% XP bonus with every match – ensuring that you’ll level up quicker on your way to your next level cap. Veterans can be identified on the player screen by the gold insignia under the rank on their player profile card – with a number representing how many times you’ve become a veteran.">

Your new Veteran character. Notice the gold insignia in the upper left?

And there you have it – an explanation of what Veteran mode is and how it works. One thing to remember, though, your experience bonus is applied after the completion of a match – where’s tacked on to your total experience for the round – should you quit the game before its completion the bonus experience will not be awarded.

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